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recently and it's an uncomfortable situation for me personally. >> reporter: the board has authority over reagan national and dulles airport. the dulles toll road, and phase 2 of metro's siller line to loudoun county. it's come under fire in the media after an inspector general's report blasted the airport's authority for traveling practices, policies and the way it awards big contracts. >> and i am sorry we're in this state. it's discouraging and disgusting. this board is everything it should not be. >> reporter: the airport's authority's want from president and ceo jack potter came under attack for recently hiring a board member days after she resigned for a job paying $180,000 a year. >> she leaves on a friday and goes to work on a monday. and anybody would look at this that she was paid off to get off of the board of directionors. >> i am fully responsible for
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the hiring of rely. i hired her because of her skill set. >> reporter: about the lucrative no big contracts -- . >> and any given situation, you will know somebody that knows somebody that knows a contractor and seems like you're put in a stray jacket. >> reporter: after one board member was criticized for spending nineteen error thousand tax payer dollars to fly business glass class to a conference in europe, they played new restrictions on domestic and overseas travel. >> the bottom line is we're putting in best practices and that is our job, the chairman and my job, to make sure we follow the practices and that we earn whatever trust we have lost. mr. potter -- >> mr. potter and the board are working on ethics reform. she's leaving the job and taking with her a year's severance, $180,000 worth. to charlotte we go this evening as the excitement grows at the democratic national
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convention. the dnc is full ao buzz ahead of bill bell's speech. other big democrats like barney frank, elizabeth warren and nancy pelosi expected to speak this evening. there is a shakeup. tom fitzgerald has more and looks like the president's big outdoor stadium is indoors. >> reporter: citing thunder and a rainy forecast, they have plans to have president obama accept the nomination outdoors at the football stadium of the carolina panthers, instead, he'll be delivering that indoors at the 20,000 seat arena where the convention is held. president obama arrived in charlotte this afternoon after watching the first lady's speech at the white house last night. this is going to leave a lot of people out of the area here. the bank of america stadium holds more than 70,000 people and time warner holds 20,000.
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in addition to president clinton, the 2004 presidential nominee, john kerry will be speaking tonight. republican presidential candidate paul ryan was on the road telling supporters in iowa that he expects-- expects clinton's speech to focus on the economy from 20 years ago, which he citizen worse today. from vis van -- chris van holland said president clinton will urge voters to stay the course. >> anyone with acknowledging the president's to do that and we need to make progress. you don't do that to go back to what was done to do this. >> we're going to hear from president bill clinton. my guess is we'll get a good rendition of how good things were in the 1990s, and we're not going to hear much had about how good they have been the last four years. >> reporter: in addition to all the other folks, maryland senator barbara mikulski will
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be speaking tonight. that big speech is going to be delivered by former president clinton who we're told, brian s going to take the stage around 10:30. >> and when we think of bill clinton, we think of hillary. she's in the administration and nowhere to be seen. >> she's in china right now and this seemed odd at first. there is a long tradition of secretaries of state not attending the presidential convention. back when the first president bush was president then secretary of state james bradley did not appear at the convention; in fact, secretary clinton has been on a diplomatic mission in the far east and south pacific and is expected to return back to the united states but after the presidential convention came to an end. >> if you want to be seen, go to china, right? the edge on the district now. learning about another robbery and assault on capitol hill
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blocks away from where massland was found on the porch on the home beaten into a coma. the police say they not sure if the two attacks are connected but there are similarities. matt ackland is live on capitol hill tonight. matt? >> reporter: this was another brutal assault that happened at 2:30 in the morning on tuesday and this manied when the victim was approached by two men and they kicked him and punched him in the face, took his phone and got back in the car and drove away. and this happened again, tuesday at 2:30 met morn -- in the morning on north carolina avenue. police won't comment on if this robbery is connected to the massland case. it appears the person who used his credit card is similar to the description of the car used by the suspect in this most recent case. first, let's hear from a friend
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of the victim's and then from council member tommy list. >> they came up to him, beat him to the ground and took his car and -- took the phone and left. >> i suspect when the bars and taverns, when they let out at 1 in the morning at night, we have to let the patrons know that you have to walk in groups and until we get a handle on this. >> reporter: it was a bad weekend. when it comes to robberies in the district, the police tell us that there were over 40, including the one here on capitol hill. when we asked them to do an on- camera about this crime, they declined. back to you. straight ahead on the news edge. >> what is on the menu of the school travel ker -- cafeteria? they're helping decide. i'm beth parker. that story is coming up. up. . >> i'm sue palka. are you wondering when we can ditch the tropical humidity out of the area? i will let you know when we see a change in the weather
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pattern. lindsay, we don't want to see any changes in sports. so much is going on. >> and there is no humidity anymore. please. coming up in sports, the nats are doing serious yardwork. we'll look at the home run yesterday and robert griffin iii said he's ready for the real thing this sunday. is he nervous for the big debut? that answer is next.  anncr: this casino's in n west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools.
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while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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. making them healthier and improving their grades. first, this plan needs a thumb's up from the kids themselves. the school lunch program is getting an overhaul. beth parker shows us how. >> we no longer -- . >> reporter: with a crunch comes the biggest change in school nutrition in years. >> what do you think? >> it's good. >> reporter: good enough on to make it past the tiny taste testers at yorkshire elementary school in prince william county. they were joined by a big -- the deputy undersecretary of
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agriculture for food, nutrition, and consumer services. >> every food fits in a diet. it's how often you eat it and how big your portions sizes are. >> reporter: the usda launched a program called the school day just got healthier, changing menus based upon an act of congress. >> these changes in the menu mean that they will be more of something and less of others. >> we'll see more fresh fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, looking at reduction in fats and sugars. >> reporter: the kids are testing five new menu items if you like if you circle the smiley face. if not, you make this face. [ laughter ] >> there was broccoli salad. >> this is good. >> reporter: broccoli and pizza. >> it's spicey. like the black bone pizza. -- black bean pizza. >> not a big fan of raisins. >> reporter: there was a lot they did like. >> and have to buy in. the nutrition that goes in the
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trash can is not nutrition. >> reporter: diana mason is glad she can vegetables. >> and they can get more muscles and everything. >> and are you trying to get stronger? >> when i get older, i can get a good job and so i'm not like a couch potato. >> to talk to kids and hear and interact with their point of view and they direct and telling you how they feel. some ask for seconds. beth parker, fox 5 news. back to school and already a holiday shopping alert. layaway wars have begun. many major retailers are adding and in some cases, bringing back layaway plans. toys "r" us, babies are us customers can put items on layaway with no upfront fee. items put on layaway in november will incur a $5 fee and many shoppers are happy to get a break in this economy.
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>> and with the cokes, men -- economy the way it is. >> and big-box retailers like sears and k-mart offering relaxed layaway plans. marshals, tj maxx and a host of others, too. in d.c. today, coming up on the news edge, checking in with laura evans. where dr. oz's 15-minute physical. y that adding excitement to their jobs, dancing while moving traffic along. in georgia, they're assigned to traffic duty in charlotte. democratic convention. they're having fun keeping them same. same. heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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. 15 minutes is all it takes to change your life. the message of dr. oz's free 15- minute musical opportunity he's sign hundreds of patients and that is where we find laura evans in northwest tonight. >> reporter: it was a bustling radio. i can tell you that. the garbage cans, evidence of all of the medical supplies used earlier today. it was a very enlightening day for hundreds of people, 800 to be exact who came through this room today. dr. oz teamed up with the volunteer doctors and nurses here at howard university college of medicine to give the checkups here today. 800 people, as i said, came through. the most they have ever scened in one day on this tour. unfortunately, the findinger -- findings here in the district were not positive. let's give you a sampling of what dr. oz's team found. 2/3 of the people who came through here are not sleeping well and leads to other health problems as you may know.
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more young people in the district are smoking than in other cities they studied and two out of three people are overweight. the problem, dr. oz said, is many people are not getting regular checkups. >> the steer of the answers. you can actually have an understanding of it, your ability to change the answers, change what your destiny could be, it's empowering and joyous and a celebration. what we did at howard university was a great honor to come visit this built on service. we celebrated the help of -- health of washington, d.c. >> reporter: that is another reminder, brian, of the importance of getting an annual physical and there were a lot of people who came here today as families, people who dragged each other in to say let's get our physicals and see the state of our health. and dr. oz's team is taking a look at the state of the district. back to you. >> so you then. well, the mugginess continues?
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>> yes, it does. tropically humid again, the dew point is 75, brian. and we say any time it's above 70. >> yes. >> and getting hard to breathe. changes are coming. a taste of real september weather in the seven-day forecast. and not seeing much in the way of big thunderstorms. the one or two out there are dropping a lot of heavy rain and this is as we expect it and we had a weak boundary moving on through. would you believe, it's part of the remnants of isaac that is moving on through. before it got here, wow, 90 degrees at reagan national; dulles, 91; bwi, thurgood marshal, 91 on top of the humidity we have. the temperature is down to 85 degrees now and culpeper rain cooled at 73 and that is the only reason they have the low temperature. where one of the bigger thunderstorms is. in terms of the humidity, still high. the dew point down now at 6:00 to 71 degrees and that is uncomfortable. we combine them for the heat index and feels like it's 90
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degrees. the average temperature forever this date in september should be around 81 degrees and that is too hot right now. prepare for another hot one tomorrow at 90 degrees and isolated storm can't be ruled out. it will be fairly spotty and friday, another hot day at 91 degrees and then the second half of the weekend, beginning the changes. the first part of next week is looking pretty spectacular. on radar tonight as mentioned, there is not a lot showing up. a couple of cells dieing out to the east of lexington park and moving across the bay. this is the biggest action between culpeper county and southern faulkier and this is producing a lot of lightning and that is taking awhile to get out of the area and drifting east and to the south. and so you're hearing the thunder and seeing the lightning out there and that is fairly isolated. i bet that drops a couple of inches of rain and that is why we're saying there could be localized flash flooding today. across maryland, we have some clear skies and everything is sinking through the south now. i think the threats of the
6:19 pm
thunderstorms goes way down once the sun sets and also, another big cluster of storms moving through the ohio valley and that should go to the south and we need to continue to watch this, guys. this is the area of low pressure. some of the remnants of isaac have moved into the gulf of mexico the hurricane center said this could develop into something and it would not be renamed isaac. it would probably get the name nadine and they going to send a hurricane hunter aircraft into that tomorrow to look at it and meanwhile, another hurricane, hurricane leslie has winds of 75 and that is moving erratically. they may have to watch it as well. beyond that, we have a tropical storm michael and that thing also looks like it might be strengthening as well and that is our gulf coast action that we have to watch. this is hurricane leslie and this is tropical storm michael,
6:20 pm
which is only about four miles an hour under and becoming a hurricane itself. for tonight, though, spotty fog. a few clouds and mild. our temperature is 73. by the way, looks like michael is turning and we won't have to worry about that one. the forecast tomorrow, though, i am sorry to say we can't ditch the humidity just yet. there could be a spotty storm and that will be warmer. the temperature of 90 and not widespread in the thunderstorm department. this is your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. where is the relief? well, okay, can you shield your eyes if you don't want to see the low 90s for thursday and friday. cool or saturday and 85. sunday, a big improvement in the afternoon and right now, brian, thinking monday, tuesday, and wednesday is exactly what you have been waiting for. so, get those vacation requests in right now, young man. that is going to be some beautiful weather. >> and starting to get in the mod to where the long sleeves? >> yeah. >> and put on some pants.
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>> this is good. >> i know. >> oh, well. >> good stuff. you can check the weather any time when you download the fox five weather app. go to the app store and the android market and on our website. concerned about big brother spying? there is an app for. that a new poll finds most cell phone users don't download certain apps on the phones. most are worried about maps, games that collect personal information, gps apps. more than half stopped installing apps once they found out how much personal information they air is. 88% of all u.s. adults own some type of cell phone. coming up, the nats offense made history with their performance last night. lindsay murphy has the latest on the nats and skins after the break. turns out more and more people are talking less and texting more. and some are showing people are setting up their voice mail when is they get a new phone. people don't want to be bothered with voice messages and their friends can find
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other ways like texting and e- mails. mails. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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. hello, everybody, i'm lindsay murphy. the redskins announced that merry weather will miss the season opener because of sprained ligaments in his right knee. he could be out two to four weeks. in other news, this is the week that every football player prepares for. when the practices really count and the score will matter on sunday. robert griffin 3 spoke today and said that he's prepared and excited about the game. his family is from new orleans. both parents born and raised and jiffin -- griffin expects 30 to 50 family members to be at the game. and this is a big game for him. rg3 is the first skins rooky to start week one since norm snead's debut in no one 61. robert, are you nervous?
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>> everybody gets nervous. um, you know, everyone getsancy and anxious, any word you want to use to put on that. it happens. but you do try to stay calm. i have to stay calm. i can't go in there and stumble on the words or too excited in the huddle with those guys. i try to make sure i keep an even keel and i get excited when die about -- we do good things. for the most part, you try to keep them calm. >> and the redskins will have their hands full with drew breeze. last season, the 11-year veteran set a new until record passing for 5,476-yards with 46 touchdowns and leading new orleans to a 13-3 record. at six feet tall, he's one of the shortest quarterbacks in the nfl and commands respect from everyone he faces, including the redskins. >> ours is probably the best quarterback in the league, the way he goes through the progressions and pocket awareness, and i mean, he's -- there is not too many
6:26 pm
quarterbacks like that. >> and where we're at. we're going to see him, obviously, so early in the season and i am excited about the challenge. they went 13-3 last year and they're superbowl contenders. the nats on fire against the cubs, winning 11-5 on 19 hits, 11 of which were extra base hits. the story was the home run ball. the nats launched a franchise record six home runs and desmond in the first with the two-run shot and with that 20th. season and tyler more is a rookie and with the fourth. his eighth of the year and that put the nats up 8-1 and zimmerman in the 6th and that is his 18th of the year and finally, in the eighth, adam laroche hits a solo shot, the 22nd of the game, and the third multihomer game of the year.
6:27 pm
>> and everybody in the lineup is capable of going out of the ballpark. we're in a good place right now offensively. we're not satisfied and have a whole month left, you know, we want to continue this and to be a part of this, and you know, that hit was awesome. >> and finally, andy roddick's career came to an end as he fell to dell pocho in the fourth round of the u.s. open. brian? >> lindsay, thanks. now you have the news edge. the news is always on we're back here at 10 on the news edge at 11. hope you will be, too. see you later.  [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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